I am a senior student in Honors Computer Science and Mathematics at NYU Courant with GPA ranking 1/375. During my undergraduate, I’ve had the privilege of working with Prof. Oded Regev, Prof. Saining Xie and Prof. He He. Currently I am also a visiting student at MIT advised by Prof. Josh Tenenbaum and Prof. Tianmin Shu.

I am broadly interested in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. Here are some directions I’m particularly excited about:

  • Foundation Models: enhance the robustness, truthfulness, and instruction-adherence of foundation models through diverse experiences (e.g., data instances, structured knowledge, embodied experiences).

  • Commonsense Reasoning: understand cause and effect as events unfold, improve reasoning under diverse social and cultural contexts, and advance joint inference across multiple modalities.

  • Embodied AI: leverage foundation models to build embodied agents capable of long-term decision making through planning, reasoning, managing memory, and learning from human and environment feedback.

Besides academics, I enjoy roaming in movies and books. I am an avid reader of history and scientific fiction, as well as a dedicated writer read by more than 16,000,000 times on different platforms. I also enjoy playing “Go”, piano, badminton, hiking and so much more.


  • [Jan, 2024] Release the project and code of MMToM-QA. Also check its tweet thread in 1min.
  • [Dec, 2023] I’m attending NeurIPS 2023. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to have a chat!
  • [July, 2023] Presented our work at AAAI Summer Symposium 2023
  • [May, 2023] I am joining MIT Cocosci and CSAIL as a visiting student
  • [May, 2023] badge released – SOTA diffusion models with 2x speedup
  • [Apr, 2023] Received NYU Computer Science Prize as the top 1 out of 375 students
  • [May, 2022] Received COMAP Scholarship as the top 4 out of 27,205 teams in MCM


publication teaser
MMToM-QA: Multimodal Theory of Mind Question Answering
Chuanyang Jin, Yutong Wu, Jing Cao, Jiannan Xiang, Yen-Ling Kuo, Zhiting Hu, Tomer Ullman, Antonio Torralba, Joshua Tenenbaum, Tianmin Shu
Under Review
A short version presented at NeurIPS'23 FMDM Workshop.
paper / project / code / benchmark / MIT blog
publication teaser
Neural Amortized Inference for Nested Multi-agent Reasoning
Kunal Jha, Tuan Anh Le, Chuanyang Jin, Yen-Ling Kuo, Joshua Tenenbaum, Tianmin Shu
AAAI 2024
Oral Presentation at AAAI Summer Symposium, 2023.
paper / project / slides / supp
publication teaser
Dynamics of RNA Localization to Nuclear Speckles are Connected to Splicing Efficiency
Jinjun Wu*, Yu Xiao*, Yunzheng Liu, Li Wen, Chuanyang Jin, Shun Liu, Sneha Paul, Chuan He, Oded Regev, Jingyi Fei
Under Review
publication teaser
Self-Supervised Image Captioning with CLIP
Chuanyang Jin
NeurIPS’23 Self-Supervised Learning Workshop
publication teaser
The Cultural Psychology of Large Language Models: Is ChatGPT a Holistic or Analytic Thinker?
Chuanyang Jin*, Songyang Zhang*, Tianmin Shu, Zhihan Cui
Under Review


publication teaser
Optimization of Diffusion Transformers
SOTA diffusion models with 2x speedup, 300+ GitHub Stars.
Advised by Prof. Saining Xie.
project / report
publication teaser
AutoCorp: A Fully Autonomous Company
LLM-driven autonomous company, 100k+ Twitter views.
NYC GPT/LLM Hackathon 2023
project / tweet / code
publication teaser
Social Platform for Recording and Sharing Emotions
We help you out of loneliness. You have the world's resonance.
HackNYU 2022
project / code
publication teaser
Class Embedding Patterns in Classifier-Free Diffusion
Top 1 Course Project in CSCI-GA 2565 Machine Learning (Grad-level)
report / slides / code
publication teaser
Promoting Global Equity through Asteroid Mining
Finalist, MAA Award, COMAP Scholarship (Top 4/27205, $10,000),
Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling 2022
publication teaser
Gene Mutation Detection System
Our system was adopted by leading hospitals.
Bronze Medal (Top 3/500, $10,000),
Shing-Tung Yau Computer Science Award 2019
demo / report / slides

Selected Honors & Awards

  • NYU Computer Science Prize for the Most Promising Junior Student (1 person/year), 2023
  • COMAP Scholarship ($10,000), 2022
  • Distinguished Honor Roll of American Mathematics Contest, 2020
  • Bronze Medal of Shing-Tung Yau High School Computer Science Award ($10,000), 2019
  • Finalist of FIRST Robotics Competition World Championship, 2019
  • Champion of International Regions Mathematics League, 2018
  • First Prize of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad, 2018

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